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Indi Pharma began its operations in 1993 with a Licensing Agreement from Pharmacia for three products, namely Kabikinase, Fragmin and Genotropin. The selling agreement between Indi Pharma and Pharmacia was dissolved in 1997 on account of Pharmacia's acquisition by UpJohn Laboratories. From 1998, Indi Pharma began marketing its indigenous branded generic formulations. Now Indi Pharma markets a basket of more than 60 product packs covering various therapeutic segments.

With a field force of 275 Field Sales Officers and 70 Managers, Indi Pharma caters to approximately 60,000 Doctors in various specialties of medicines.
The product range is given as under:-

  1. Antibacterials: Clincin Range, Azid Range, CCL Range, Inxim-O
  2. Dermatology: Fusiderm, Fusiderm B, Dermogard Cream / Liquid, Clincin Gel, Clincin-N Gel
  3. Gastro-intestinals: Vomiset, Laxose
  4. Gynaecology: Clincin V
  5. Anti-Inflammatory / Analgesics: Jusgo Range
  6. Anti-Diabetics: Glix, Glycirid
  7. Anti-Malarials: Artimal, Nomal, Ultimal Forte
  8. Cough Preparations: Expectus, Expectus D
  9. Acid Peptic & Motility Disorders: Repsia, Repsia-D
  10. Anti-allergic: Viznil
  11. Anti-Diarrhoeals: Colistop
  12. Laxative: Laxose

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