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Wallace Pharmaceuticals

Wallace Pharmaceuticals is a trusted company that has been operating in the Indian pharmaceutical formulations market since 1969. Over the last three years the business has been registering a higher than average industry growth rate.

Currently Wallace Pharmaceuticals operates through 4 therapy focused marketing divisions, each with an independent field force. Wallace Pharmaceuticals also operates an Institution division catering to large government and corporate tenders.

Wallace Pharmaceuticals markets a basket of over a 200 products focusing on Antibiotics, Gastro-intestinal, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Gynecology, Diabetology, ENT and Pediatrics.

Wallace Pharmaceuticals focuses primarily on Gastro-Intestinals, Anti-Infectives and Pediatrics.
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Wallace LifeStyle focuses primarily on Rheumatology, Orthopedics and Diabetes.
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Wallace Rivela focuses primarily on Dermatology and Gynecology.
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Wallace Lifestyle DC focuses primarily on Diabetologists, Cardios and General Physicians.
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Wallace Institution focuses primarily on Government, Semi Government, Trusts and Corporate Hospitals all over India and in Neighboring countries.


In addition to Trade Sales, Wallace also provides quality medicines to all the Government / Semi-Government Hospitals, Trust Hospitals and Corporate Hospitals all over India and in Neighboring countries.

Wallace is registered with over and above 650 Government Institutions / Key Accounts. Our products are approved in the respective formulary of NRHM, Directorate of Health Services, CGHS, DGAFMSD, GMSD & ESIC Directorate and many more renowned institutions like 16 Zones of Railways, Coal India, HAL, BHEL, AIIMS and so on.

Wallace is having a strong network of more than 100 specialized Institutional Distributors and a strong field force.

Wallace has been perceived by our Key Accounts as one of the dependable Pharmaceutical Companies for quality medicines at competitive rates and for prompt supplies.

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